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1. Don't do damage intentionally.
2. Don't alter files other than than to hide your presence or to remove traces of your intrusion.
3. Don't leave any real name, handle, or phone number on any system.
4. Be careful who you share info with.
5. Don't leave your phone number with anyone you don't know.
6. Do NOT hack government computers.
7. Don't use codes unless you HAVE too.
8. Be paranoid!
9. Watch what you post on boards, be as general as possible.
10. Ask questions...but do it politely and don't expect to have everything handed to you.

: Important Notice 4 Newbies:
First please read " The Meaning of `Hack' from the Jargons Files.

Posted on Sunday, June 24

Fuck It Does Microsoft use pirat copies for Windows XP?
Posted by Admin on Wednesday, November 24, 2004 (23:49:49) (1318 reads)

The audio files of the Windows XP route were apparent provided with a
robbery-copied version of the software SoundForge 4,5. If one examines
the file in an Hex editor, the clear signature of the Crackers
Deepz0ne shows up.

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Fuck It FBI raids cripple software pirates
Posted by Admin on Friday, July 16, 2004 (13:41:13) (1366 reads)

The informal community of Internet software pirates has been ripped apart by the recent international law-enforcement raids on many of its elite crackers, members of the shadowy scene said this week.

"This is a bad hit for warez," one self-described 18-year-old programmer, who has been a member of the community for four years, wrote in an online chat with CNET "Right now, every scene is at a standstill. Every one of them."

Read More... (7.33 KB) | comments? | Printer Friendly Page  Send to a Friend | Score: 4.6

Fuck It What is a DOS attack?
Posted by admin on Saturday, June 26, 2004 (17:55:57) (1903 reads)

DOS Attacks or Denial Of Services Attacks have become very common amongst Hackers who use them as a path to fame and respect in the underground groups of the Internet. They are basically a way of denying valid Internet and Network users from using the services of the target network or server. It basically means, launching an attack, which will temporarily make the services, offered by the Network unusable by legitimate users.

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